Slow Start of The Season? Maybe You’re Making Some of These Decoy Mistakes

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is finally here. Instead of preparing for the season, we can actually hunt. Ahh… Nothing comes close to the feeling of going home with a bag full of birds after spending a day with your friends. Even picking up all the decoys isn’t that difficult when you know it paid off.

These Mistakes Are Stopping You From Becoming a Better Waterfowl Hunter

Flooded timber duck hunting may seem simple, but there are levels in the game, and most people are preventing themselves from getting better. One of the reasons for sticking to techniques and strategies that clearly don’t work is being unable to adapt. And the cause for that is usually hidden deep under mistake number 1.

Summertime Tips for Duck Hunters

Summertime Tips For Duck Hunters

Duck hunters thrive during the colder months. From September through January, we love going into the wild because there are waterfowl out there, in great numbers.

Snow Goose Hunter’s Gear Guide

Snow Goose Hunter’s Gear Guide

Preparing for a day of hunting snow geese? Read this guide to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of your hunt.