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“I had a great time shooting birds with the guys at Waterfowl Unlimited. Hopefully I can make it back soon” - Brock Bowers
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Mike Newsom is one of the young guns of waterfowling – energetic, knowledgeable, and savvy in outsmarting his prey. He is skilled in calling and shooting, a master in the art of duck lore, cooking and a gifted outdoorsman. A day in the blind with Mike is a truly memorable experience.

— Mike McLemore 3 Time World Duck Calling Champion and Champion of Champions

Mike Newsom
Our Founder & Your Best Duck & Goose Hunting Guide in Arkansas

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting

Traverse the breathtaking wilds of Arkansas when snow goose hunting with Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide, and find out why we’re rated in the Top 3 of all waterfowl hunting destinations in the country! We have spent years developing relationships with farmers that we continually stay in contact with throughout the conservation season, and know exactly which fields are holding large concentrations of snow geese for your benefit. An “average” day in the field will result in 15-30 snow geese being taken per group of hunters, but there is always a good chance of a great hunt of 50-100 snow geese being taken, depending on the weather and their flight patterns.

Don’t forget to come prepared when it’s time for spring snow goose hunting. One day it can be 70° and sunny, and the next 15° and snowing. Make sure to bring appropriate clothing, face masks, guns, ammo, and supplies for cleaning the birds.

At the end of the day, you can trust our crew to work diligently to make sure that you have the best opportunity to have a fun, safe trip while making memories that last a lifetime.

Arkansas Duck Hunting

Three generations and 150 years of duck hunting have made Reelfoot Lake Ducking Hunting Guide your number-one choice for waterfowling. We’ll take you to some of the best spots and habitats of pintail, gadwall, widgeon, and mallards, and help you have all the fun and excitement you’re looking for.

Our team of duck hunting guides will put you in the best possible place to shoot ducks, doing whatever it takes to put you on them. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make the shot, so no matter if you’re a beginner hunter or a well-seasoned one, you’ll soon be raving about your amazing waterfowl hunt. You’ll never want to go back to the old, regular type of hunting after us!

Our comprehensive package carries it all: we’ll provide you with lodging & accommodations in Arkansas, transport you to and from the blinds, break up 8 hours of hunting with breakfast & lunch, and more–and all done in a safe, secure environment.

Don’t hesitate–get the full and real Arkansas duck hunting experience with our team at Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide today!

Arkansas Flooded Timber Hunting

Engage in the time-honored tradition of flooded timber duck hunting Arkansas surrounded by the natural majesty of Arkansas’ scenic wetlands. At Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide, we offer guided hunting excursions for everyone, from both novice and seasoned hunters. As long as you have a valid hunting license, you’re one of us. Our experienced guides know the area and the behavior patterns of waterfowl, and will ensure that your hunting adventure is both successful and enjoyable. Our goal is to preserve Arkansas’ rich hunting heritage and share it with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. We understand the local ecosystem of this grand state’s creeks and fields and are dedicated to ethical hunting practices.

With access to prime hunting areas in the renowned flooded timber regions of Arkansas, we’ll make sure to send you home with not only your prize, but with plenty of stories to tell the folks back home, too. The best seasons to hunt are the late fall and winter months, such as November to January. Cold weather, increased duck populations, and suitable water levels create excellent conditions, so bring your chest waders, camouflage, decoys, and shotgun, and let’s get hunting!

You’ll get the ultimate guided flooded timber hunting adventure with Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide, so what’re you waiting for? Get ready to see feathers flying. Book your reservation today!

Green Timber Duck Hunting

Ready to dip your toes in the waterfowl paradise that is Arkansas? Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide should be your first choice for a comprehensive Arkansas green timber duck hunting experience. Our Arkansas green timber duck hunting guides are dedicated to giving you the most thrilling and successful hunting tours in the region. Huddled in some of the most breathtaking environs in the state, our pride lies in preserving the rich hunting heritage of Arkansas and sharing it with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Bring your shotgun, bring your waders, and get ready for a feather-filled adventure that will leave you clamoring for more. Ask our green timber duck hunting guide about our specials!

What Is the Best State for Duck Hunting?

The best state for duck hunting is Arkansas, you guessed it! But why? For a number of reasons. First off, it is exactly in Arkansas that ducks like to spend their winter, and it is not uncommon to find hundreds of thousands of ducks flying around the state all throughout this season. Moreover, it is precisely in these parts of Arkansas, where we’ve put down our roots, that you’ll come across the greatest number of ducks for hunting.

With Arkansas as the best state for duck hunting and your best Arkansas duck hunting guides at Waterfowl Unlimited, what more could you ask for? You’ll be seeing duck feathers all around you in no time. Give us a call today!

Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide

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