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A brown dog with a Reelfoot lake duck in its mouth.

Everything That You’ll Need for Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is a thrilling experience — and Reelfoot Lake is one of the best places to dip your toes in. If you’re dreaming about a duck hunting trip, the combination of flooded timber, diverse (migratory) duck species, and stunning scenery at Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee, will absolutely blow you away.

You know what’s coming next, though! If you’re gearing up for the most exciting hunting experience of your lifetime, you’ll need to come prepared. This glimpse at everything you need for Reelfoot Lake hunting will give you a better idea of what it takes to make your trip a success.

1. Experienced Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guides

Unless you’re already intimately familiar with both Reelfoot Lake and duck hunts, a seasoned Reelfoot Lake duck hunting guide is essential to a fruitful hunt and an enjoyable experience. Reelfoot Lake duck guides know the area like the back of their hand and will help you secure the best hunting spots. They’re also familiar with local regulations and the duck species active around the lake.

Working with a veteran guide planning a well-organized duck hunt also has the advantage of eliminating most of the other prep steps, because your guide can:

  • Secure lodging and transportation.
  • Supply (shallow water) boats, blinds, and decoys for your flooded timber duck hunt.
  • Help you set up your decoys and blinds, call ducks, and offer tactical advice for a successful hunt.
  • Retrieve the ducks you downed.
  • Make sure you don’t fall foul of local regulations.

In other words, a Reelfoot duck hunting guide is your all-in-one ticket to an unforgettable hunt.

2. Firearms and Ammo

While it takes more than a 12-gauge or 20-gauge shotgun and suitable ammo to enjoy a successful duck hunt, you can’t do without! Reelfoot Lake duck hunters rely on non-toxic (usually steel) shots to comply with regulations, and 3-inch or 3 ½-inch shotshells are the most common choice.

3. Decoys and Blinds

Decoys can mimic any of the 20+ duck species that congregate around Reelfoot Lake and need to be placed in strategic locations. Blinds, which allow hunters to conceal themselves from ducks, can be natural or portable.

4. Duck Calls

Duck calls designed to mimic the duck species hunters want to attract are essential tools that lure ducks within shooting range.

5. Boats

The best duck hunting spots can often only be reached by boat, making a suitable boat key to a successful trip. This is one of the reasons hunting with a Reelfoot Lake duck guide is so valuable — with your boating needs taken care of, and insider knowledge about the best hunting spots on your side, you can focus on downing ducks.

6. Safety Gear and Waders

Quality waders are must-haves when duck hunting in flooded timber. Emergency supplies like first-aid kits, signaling devices, and life jackets should also be included in your list of duck hunting gear.

Ready for the Hunt of Your Life?

Reelfoot duck hunts immerse you in a unique experience of strategic planning, the adrenaline rush of downing your first duck, and connecting with nature in one of the most scenic environments in the United States.

New to duck hunting? Unfamiliar with Reelfoot Lake? Our Reelfoot Lake waterfowl hunting guides have one mission — making sure that you have an unforgettable experience and a successful hunt. Get in touch to explore how our Reelfoot Lake duck hunting guides can set you up for a thrilling hunt now, and discover the magic of the flooded timber wilds.

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