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How Often Should You Clean Your Hunting Shotgun?

A clean gun is a safe gun and when it comes to hunting, safety should always be your number one priority. If you hoped for an article that will tell you you don’t need to clean your hunting shotgun after every use, then sorry to disappoint you – we aren’t that article.

Hunting is not like a day at the shooting range. You’re out in nature; there’s mud, leaves, rain, and more. Afterwards, your gun is filthy, and you need to clean all that junk out of your gun as soon as you get home. If you don’t, the debris can eat your gun from the inside out. If you are curious to learn more about why and how you should clean your hunting shotgun, keep reading.

What Kind of Hunting Shotguns Are There on the Market?

There are different types of hunting shotguns. Each type is made for a different kind of environment, and if it’s your first time choosing the perfect shotgun, keep your preferences in mind as well. You’ll feel more comfortable and therefore more safe.

Generally categorized, these are the three most common types of shotguns: semi-automatic, pump-action, and break-action guns.


Semi-automatic shotguns are a popular choice for hunting, since they can be used for a variety of hunting and shooting activities.

Pump-action Shotguns

Pump-action shotguns are a popular choice because they can work in almost any condition and are more affordable than other guns. Although on the cheaper side, they still have more power than, for example, break-action shotguns, and are quite easy to maintain and clean.

Break-action Shotguns

Break-action shotguns are a popular choice for many hunters because they are lightweight and compact, although they may not be as powerful as other types of shotguns. Still, with their simple design, they’re easy to clean and less likely to develop issues over time from collected dirt and dust.

How Often Should You Clean Your Hunting Shotgun?

So now you’ve got your perfect hunting gun, one of the first questions that might pop into your head is – how often should you clean it?

It is absolutely necessary that you take care of your hunting gear, especially your shotgun. Your shotgun can last for years if it’s maintained properly, and good maintenance starts with regular cleaning. When it comes to hunting shotguns, the rule is very simple: if you used it, clean it.

At first, it may sound like a lot of work and effort, but try to look at the cleaning process as a way to connect to your weapon and get to know it even more. Enjoy taking your gun apart and taking care of it, because in the long run, you could end up with a gun you can trust and rely on. It will last longer and serve you better, and you’ll sleep better knowing your gun won’t misbehave and put you in a dangerous situation.

Also, regular cleaning is a great way to frequently inspect the condition of your gun. This way, you can spot any issues while they’re still minor, and before they grow into bigger problems.

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We hope we answered any questions you may have had about caring for and maintaining your shotgun. There’s no fun in putting yourself or others in danger, so clean your shotgun regularly and enjoy having a great time in nature. If you’re looking for a guided flooded timber duck hunting, don’t hesitate to reach out to Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide. We’ll make your next hunting trip full of fun, safe, and wonderful memories!

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