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Recommendations for a Successful Snow Geese Hunting Experience

Get ready! January is right in the center of the peak season for snow goose hunting!

Because Tennessee and Arkansas are smack dab in the middle of the migration flyway–a “highway” of sorts used by waterfowl moving from the chillier, Northern climates to the warmer environs of the South–this makes them the perfect spot for some serious hunting trips!

So, you’ve got your reservation lined up and gas in your tank to make the drive over to the wetlands–now what?

Read on to find out how to get the most out of your next snow geese hunting trip!

Essential Tips for Your Upcoming Snow Goose Hunt

It’s not all about pointing your gun and pulling the trigger. If you want to raise your chances of bringing home a prize, take the following six tips into consideration when on your snow goose hunt.

1. Human Activity

Hide all signs of human activity. Cover up tire tracks, pick up any trash left behind (especially if they give off a shiny glint like aluminum wrappers), and park any vehicles at least half a mile away from where you’ll be stationed.

2. Clothing

As you’ll most likely be out in the wetlands and flooded fields, it is imperative your outfit is as waterproof as possible. Wearing waders would be your best bet here as well. As the temperature during January may dip into the low teens, make sure your clothing keeps you warm and comfortable. You should only wear camouflage in the greens and/or browns. You can even wear all-white if there’s snow on the ground, to better blend in with your surroundings.

3. Guns

It’s recommended you use 12- or 10-gauge shotguns for snow goose hunting. For ammo, use BBs or BBBs, and bring at least 2-3 boxes of ammo per day per hunter. Make sure to bring a backup gun in case your first one jams at any point!

4. Hunting Partners

If you’re traveling in a group, agree with your partners first on who’s targeting what. You don’t want to end up shooting at the same goose at the same time! It’s essential that everyone’s on the same page when the time comes to shoot.

5. Decoys

The ideal number for planting decoys is 1,000-1,500, but if you don’t have that many, then you can also make it work with a minimum of 500.

6. Calls

Know when to make the calls at the right moment, and don’t overdo it! Learn to control the volume of your calls as well–sometimes you’ll need to make a loud call, and other times it’ll need to be soft and quiet.
If you’re hunting with a guide, then make sure to follow their directions! Many guides have training and expertise to back them up while on the field, and will let you know the next best step to take for your target. Don’t ignore them!

Your Logical Choice for Guided Snow Goose Hunts in TN and AR

As we always say here at Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guideare you ready for some feathers in your face?! With decades of waterfowl hunting under our belt, get ready for the snow geese hunting trip of your life. Not only will you make lasting memories to take the folks back home, but you’ll gain experience you won’t find anywhere else that will follow you for the rest of your life.

There’s nothing like the feel of bringing your own meal to the dinner table, personally tracked, hunted, and cleaned. Reserve your spot on the next snow goose hunt with Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide today.

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