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Slow Duck Season? Here’s How to Turn Things Around

Every experienced waterfowl hunter knows that there are times when duck season seems to be flowing seamlessly. Every single thing you do works flawlessly, familiar spots keep producing, and new adventures abound.

Other times, though, things seem doomed right from the get-go. Warmer weather inevitably approaches, flights stall, honey holes stop producing, birds get stale, and light straps become your go-to.

Sound familiar? Don’t fret – we’ve all been there! The thing is, even when your duck season just can’t seem to take a turn for the better, you can still bounce back. But for that to happen, you have to stay optimistic and keep your mind open to trying new things.

Why? Because when you keep using the same tactics, you can’t really expect better results! Switching things up may not be such an easy task, but nothing worthwhile ever is. 

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to help you get the ball rolling. Trust us, when you bank that first flock, you’ll know it was worth every bit of sweat.

Slow Duck Season How to Turn Things Around

Analyze Your Approach

Oftentimes, duck hunters cling to memories and expect familiar, comfortable hunting grounds to produce year after year. This is a very common mistake. You see, ducks don’t care, and it’s quite unrealistic to expect them to keep using the same waters and follow established patterns. So, what you should do is take a closer look at your journal and try to determine what has worked this season and what’s been a no-go. Pinpoint the things you did well each outing, as well as where you missed the mark. Then, it’s all about eliminating the bad and correcting the mistakes. A brand-new perspective is a step in the right direction, as it will keep you from repeating unsuccessful efforts.

Observe and Listen

Sometimes, it’s none other than pride that stands in the way of a successful hunting trip. What exactly do we mean? Well, some waterfowlers maintain that there’s no reason to make changes in their approach that had worked wonders all those seasons before. But all this leads to is a deep rut. So, if you’re adamant about making a change, observe and listen to your fellow hunters who are on a roll! We’re not saying that you should steal their spots, but simply try to establish what it is that they’re doing right and try to incorporate as much of it as you can into your outings.  Simply put – don’t fall victim to your pride. Instead, take all the advice you can get, try new strategies, no matter how contrary to your approach they may seem. Even the pros could use a little refresher now and then.

Make Room for Improvements

Have you considered that you might be dealing with certain deficiencies in a specific skill set? This could easily be taking a toll on your hunts. Maybe it’s your shooting? Perhaps your calling is falling flat or you’re using the wrong decoys? The good news is that all of these are extremely fixable. So, make changes in all areas that don’t seem to be clicking and see where you stand. You’ll be happy to learn that sometimes, all it takes is improving just one element of your game to save your season.

Be Flexible

When timber mallards seem to be in short supply, go for a decent gaddy that looks like a good shot. When big waters stop producing, change your scenery and go hunt for mallards or woodies in small creeks nearby. And when fields start to stink, grab your waders and set out to destination ponds!  What we’re trying to say is things won’t always go your way. And in those situations, all you can really do is take advantage of the best opportunity at that moment and adjust to the circumstances. In other words – just go with the flow.

Hit the Road

There’s nothing like fresh new scenery to jump-start your ho-hum duck season! Whether this includes taking a two-hour drive to a different part of the state or packing your truck for a whirlwind road trip, we say go for it! Stay open to opportunities outside your comfort zone, and if you can, hit the road and see where it takes you. These trips could be a fantastic scouting opportunity, and even if you end up striking out, it’s still better than sticking to familiar ground and slogging through the same old uneventful hunts day after day.

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