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Some Much Needed Motivation for Duck Hunters

Cool, crisp mornings, fresh air, open skies. The smell of dew on the ground. Preparing your breakfast on an open fire outside. Your trusty dog by your side, your gun in hand. And then, the sound of ducks flying above you. 

It’s duck huntin’ time! 

Anyone who has tried or has become accustomed to waterfowl hunting knows the benefits of this great activity. This is particularly true if you go on duck hunting trips with friends. The bonds you build are timeless, and the fun, well – it can be the best ever. 

But, over the last sixty years or so, waterfowl hunting in the US has been on a steady decline. Why is that? Chances are, people are becoming less and less involved with nature. We’re rapidly moving into an uninspired, technologically-addicted way of life. 

Seems like duck hunters have seen better days, huh? 

Looks like you could use some motivation!

Much Needed Motivation for Duck Hunters

It’s Good For Your Health

Duck hunting guarantees many health benefits. Not only are you moving around and filling your lungs with fresh air, but you are also making sure that your blood is pumping at a steady pace. In addition, you are exposing your body to natural conditions instead of being cooked up in a confined office space, for example. 

Mental benefits are plentiful, too. There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the chase, the victorious feeling you get when you get a couple of nice shots, and the kind gratitude you get from your best canine companion. It’s a sport unlike any other.

A lot has changed since the days of our fathers and grandfathers, but just like them, we know that regular hunting trips are good for our health. Of course, you always have to put safety first. Be sure to learn your firearm well, know how to take cover, and properly use decoys.


Duck Hunting is an American Tradition

Our ancestors were hunting for ducks and snow geese since they first arrived. Our tools have advanced, we have better guns that are more precise, but the tradition remains the same. Those who keep it alive are helping us maintain our heritage. 

During the first half of the twentieth century and well up into the 1970s, the number of duck hunters was increasing. But, the trend has changed over the last couple of decades, and one of the reasons is that fewer people are living in the country. There are fewer farm boys than some 60-70 years ago. Still, our tradition lives on!

Some will say that the best state for duck hunting is Tennessee. There are many duck hunters in other parts of the US as well, like Nebraska or Mississippi, to name a few. It’s a big community and we know you love being a part of it.


You Are Helping the Environment

Many environmentalists will say that hunters are bad for the environment, but that simply isn’t the case. Duck hunters are doing nature good by maintaining the duck population in manageable numbers. Overpopulation couldn’t possibly be good because it would not only lead to many hungry ducks but also disrupt the balance of the local ecosystem. 

And last but not least, duck hunting is a source of food. You eat what you hunt, which is ethical. Sure, it is a fun sport, but incredibly useful as it really does put food on your table. Thus, you maintain your role as the provider of the family. 

Oh, and if your hunting trip goes better than expected, you can always give some of your catch to friends. They will definitely be grateful. 

If you’re getting ready for your next duck hunting trip but don’t know where to go, give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you what guided duck hunts in Tennessee are all about!

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