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A mallard duck flies over a golden reed field, with a blurred logo of "waterfowl unlimited guided duck hunting service" in the top left corner.

The Best Time To Go Duck Hunting In Arkansas

Are you gearing up for the duck hunting trip of your life? Arkansas attracts an exciting array of migratory ducks — and you’ll have your pick of coots, gadwalls, woodcocks, Canadian geese, and more than 24 other duck species.

However, before planning your duck hunting trip, you need to know that timing is everything.

Not sure when that is? Our experienced local duck hunting guides can help you with what you need to know.

When Is It Duck Hunting Season in Arkansas?

Duck season can open at slightly different dates each year, depending on which waterfowl you’re gunning for.

Ideally, the season opens in mid- to late December and ends in January. The best time for duck hunting in Arkansas is consistently late December into late January.

According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the best dates for some of the most popular waterfowl hunting are as follows:

Duck, Coot and Merganser

Mid- to late November
December through to January

Snow, Blue and Ross’s Goose

Late October to early November
Mid- to late November
December through to January

White-fronted Goose

Late October
December through to January

Canada Goose

Early to mid-October
Mid- to late November
December through to January

Mourning Dove, White-winged and Eurasian Collared-Doves

Late October
December through to mid-January

Virginia Rail and Sora



November through to mid-December

* Please note that migratory bird hunters in Arkansas who are 16 or older are required to carry proof of Arkansas Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration when hunting. Registration is available only at Arkansas Game and Fish Commission offices or online.

What’s the Best Way to Plan Your Arkansas Duck Hunts?

If you’re brand new to duck hunting, or you’re coming in from out of state to experience Arkansas’ fantastic duck hunts for yourself, you’ll have a lot of moving parts to keep an eye on. The secret to a successful duck hunt that’s part pure relaxation and part thrill lies in the preparation. With that said, guided duck hunting is the way to go — especially for your first trip.

At Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunting Guide, our guided duck hunting trips take the stress out of your hunt, so that you can focus on downing ducks. We don’t just know the flooded timbers and rice fields of Arkansas like the back of our hands, but we’ve got hunting know-how that proudly stretches back generations, too.

With our guided duck hunts in Arkansas, you can count on:

  • Comfortable lodging
  • Transportation
  • All the shallow water boats, blinds, and decoys you need for a wildly successful hunting trip
  • Help with retrieving your downed ducks
  • Guidance that ensures you’ll always comply with AR duck hunting regulations


In short, our flooded timber duck hunting trips set you up for an experience you and your party will never forget. Excited to plan for Arkansas’ next duck hunting season? When you’re ready, contact our duck hunting guide, and we’d be thrilled to set you up with a trip to remember.

2023 Season Photos

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